Life is becoming tedious

As a 50-something who enjoys smoking, a drink, doesn’t subscribe to the whole AGW/Catastrophic Climate Change nonsense, I am finding life is becoming tedious. Everyone these days seems to know my business better than me, from the idiots who want to “de-normalise” smoking, the creeps who dictate on everything I should eat, and the arseholes who waste my tax money on ridiculous wind turbines and their ilk. What the hell happened to freedom of choice, freedom of speech and freedom of action. From where I am it’s all gone up the shit-chute and as a nation we just keep rolling over and taking it. Try to stand up to the jobs-worths and petty law makers and they shaft you. Why has it come to this?? Why does Socialist-Liberalism mean we live in the most illiberal and intolerant times, especially if you are normal and want to go about your life with no-one poking their nose in??

These and many other questions I hope to explore on this Blog, along with exposing the stupidity which exists daily in our midst.


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