State Nanny’s at it again

Rapidly perusing the Daily Mail this morning whilst shoving breakfast into my face, I came across this new piece of busy-bodyness from our social services:

In short, the great and good of the social services believe that anyone ‘caught’ allowing their child to get sunburned, should be referred to them. Quote from the Mail: “They insist parents are guilty of ‘neglect’ if they allow their children to get so severely burned they need hospital treatment.” Now forgive me, but this can happen to anyone and it doesn’t mean the parents have been neglectful or delinquent in some way. Time was, when kids were allowed to run around doing their own thing, they could be away from home half the day. I would certainly go out playing during the summer with my mates from quite a young age. And yes I did get sunburn, but no I wasn’t taken to the hospital. I believe the treatment in those days was slap a load of Caladril (I think that was the name) lotion on the burnt bits, which cooled it and by morning, it didn’t hurt, you just looked like an over-cooked lobster. But even if it was so bad that a visit to the out-patients was thought necessary, no one would have thought of ‘reporting’ you to social services.

It is yet another example of the slow but steady slide toward totalitarianism, where every aspect of ones life is monitored and judged, so that some little jobs-worth can move in and tell you the error of your ways.

A quote from the article from: Leigh Smith, chair of Melanoma Action and Support Scotland “These parents have tripled their children’s chances of getting skin cancer”
Well talk about heaping on the guilt, but thats what these people do. “It’s all about the children” they cry. Well if the above quote were true, then those of us born before everyone was afraid to let their children out of their sight are well and truly fucked. We are all going to get skin cancer apparently.

Yet another busy-body with an over-long snout in an every increasing trough.


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