The New Druids of Southwest England

Can’t remember how I came across the website for this bunch of clowns, SmokeFree Southwest, but their ‘mission statement’ is on a par with all the other anti-smoking groups. These groups believe that it is their mission in life to prevent anyone from smoking (they call it -re-education!) and regard all of us who smoke as poor souls who need saving. It’s akin to the Victorian Missionaries who thought that all those poor unfortunate ‘natives’ around the world who had happily been worshiping whatever god suited them, should become Christians (usually against their will)

The following is from their ‘About’ section:

Smokefree South West is commissioned by 15 Public Health teams based in local authorities across the region to deliver an evidence-based programme to create a Smokefree future for our children by accelerating the reduction in smoking rate across the South West to make tobacco use less desirable and accessible.
We are focused on what will have the biggest impact on smoking rates in the South West. These include but are not limited to:

  • Rolling out a programme to all acute and foundation trusts to ensure that all patients, staff and visitors are offered the opportunity to stop smoking whilst in hospital or on a hospital site
  • Developing and running a campaign to halve the number of adults in the South West who allow smoking in their home by 2015 from the current 20% to 10%
  • Developing and running a campaign to prompt 40% of our 480,000 smokers of hand rolling tobacco to make a quit attempt in the year following the campaign
  • Increasing the number of pharmacies offering stop smoking support
  • Delivering a South of England Tackling Illegal Tobacco for Better Health Action Plan, working with key partners to reduce the supply and demand of illegal tobacco.

Worrying stuff. So when you are in hospital, or visiting someone in hospital and you are feeling vulnerable, some twat is going to bother you about having a fag to calm yourself. I know what my reaction would be.

It also seems they are focusing mainly on people who use roll-ups as apparently the tobacco they use is illegal!

This group of idiots is supported by 15 public health teams, which mean our money, which should be used to help ill people, buy new equipment, and get more nurses in, is instead being used to fund this sort of bollocks. It makes me bloody sick. These people, and there are many of them around the country, will stop at nothing to poke their noses into all aspects of our lives in the belief that we don’t know what we are doing and need re-educating. I hate the phraseology they use: “delivering behaviour change campaigns”. Look you wankers, I don’t need my behaviour changing (whatever that means but it sounds Orwellian at the very least). I ENJOY SMOKING, I AM NOT A DUPE OF THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY. I’ll just repeat that in case they didn’t hear: I ENJOY SMOKING!!!

For more mind-boggling bollocks on this bunch see:

I wouldn’t be surprised if soon we get “Smokefree Southeast”, “Smokefree Lincolnshire” etc etc. They are like a virus but unlike a virus, there is no known cure.


3 thoughts on “The New Druids of Southwest England

    • Thanks Jay. I have a long way to go before I reach your dizzy heights in the blogosphere, but with all the nonsense that is going on at the moment I felt compelled to say something.
      I will check out that link.


  1. This is my favourite bit:

    “…to deliver an evidence-based programme…”

    Nothing the Tobacco Control Industry has ever done has been evidence based. Unless you count the evidence they make up to fit their statements.

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