How much more stupid can it get

This is probably old news to most of you, but I picked up on this story via the UKIP info feed and I haven’t checked my email for a couple of days. Apparently, a school dinner lady, Alison Waldcock, was sacked after inadvertently serving a Muslim child with gammon. Poor unfortunate bread-snapper didn’t actually eat the offending article as a teacher intervened. But the parents complained, an investigation ensued, and the school decided it was such a heinous crime that she had to go. Even a “British Muslim group” thought this was “heavy-handed”. Thats not heavy-handed, that’s taking a tank to kill a mouse. Alison even apologised, but to no avail. To quote the Daily Shriek:                           “The girl’s parents, Zahid and Rumana Darr, claimed the school told them Miss Waldock was not concerned about the mistake.Mrs Darr, 33, said: ‘The person there said the dinner lady didn’t care or wasn’t that bothered.’But Miss Waldock said: ‘That’s just not true. If I saw the parents today, I would say sorry.’ The Darrs also contacted Lunchtime UK, the catering firm that operates the canteen. The company’s operations manager Peter McAleese said: ‘Anyone losing their job is regretful. ‘But there was a full and transparent procedure that Alison went through, as well as an appeals procedure, which she lost.’

Oh, so that’s alright then. ‘An appeals procedure, which she lost’. Well she would wouldn’t she, because everyone decided she was guilty before any investigation was even started. It was the usual Kangaroo court, where to be seen to be upsetting the none-whites is the worst crime. Can you imagine if this had happened to a white Vegetarian or Vegan child?? It would have just been an ‘error’ then and nothing more would have been said. I wish for Alison’s sake it had been, as she would now still be doing the job she liked.
Apparently, Nigel Farage is taking up her case. I hope he has success, but I fear the forces of positive discrimination will have their way and this poor woman will be the loser. Note, that is Nigel Farage taking up the cudgel on this poor womans behalf, not her local MP, Julian Huppert, the LibDem MP for Cambridge.

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