Another blow for Democracy

I see from yesterdays Daily Shriek that the police have advised Cuadrilla to cease operation for now at Balcombe due to the possible arrival of up to 1000 protesters. These protesters have been organised and brought together by the the “No Dash for Gas” group, a bunch of useful idiots who think that the only energy systems that we should be using are renewables. From their page comes the following gems:

“We are facing a climate crisis, economic crisis and social crisis. We want a clean and fair future where people come before profit. Come to share your ideas. Create, imagine, resist. Join us in Balcombe, West Sussex to Reclaim the Power!”

The police, in issuing this advice to Cuadrilla, are not only admitting they don’t want to do their job, but have become complicit with the protest against the fracking at Balcombe. The police should be able to handle both a demonstration and allow Cuadrilla to exercise their lawful right to conduct their business. The police are allowing mob-rule to override their duty to uphold the law. Of course, the Health and Safety of the employees has been used as the excuse, but I suspect it is the H&S of the police which has decided this decision.

But by blaming H&S issues, the police are effectively saying “we cannot guarantee your safety to go about your lawful business”. That, in my mind, puts the police in serious disrepute. The police are employed to protect the safety of the public, whether that be the Cuadrilla employees, the demonstrators, or the residents of Balcombe. It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you sit on fracking, or fossil-fuel energy, the police should do their job. So the green lobby, the antediluvian misfits who want to shove us all into fuel poverty, and any others who want to force their single-issue opinions on the rest of us, can simply threaten to turn up mob-handed and the police will roll over.

I see also that the RSPB have jumped into the fray over Balcombe. They claim fracking will damage the the local bird population and the environment, and anyway, we shouldn’t be pursuing ways to use more fossil fuels. This is monumental hypocrisy from the people who quite happily chop up birds bats and other flying fauna with the wind turbines they insist on erecting at a number of their sites. And don’t protest anymore about other wind turbine proposals, even if they are sighted next to migration routes. I’m sorry, but the country’s energy policy is bugger-all to do with a group who’s remit is to safeguard our avian friends. So RSPB, do what your members pay you for and keep your noses out of politics. The water at Balcombe and all other sites where fracking is proposed, will not be affected and neither will the local environment. The impact to the environment is certainly an order of magnitude less the sinking several hundred tones of concrete into the grounbd to support a wind turbine. Once fracking is complete and the oil/gas is flowing, any infrastructure impact is extremely low.

Of course, none of this is really anything to do with the environment. It is all about shoving the green agenda down everyones throat and making us all comply with it, however much hardship this may cause. These days, I don’t usually find myself agreeing with what most Tories have to say, but the following from MP Mark Reckless sums it up: ‘We need to face down these green and far-Left extremists who want to stop our economy growing. I am sorry that Sussex Police have simply not been up to the mark to do it. We have certainly lost this battle but, regardless of where you stand on fracking, I hope to ensure we win the war against this type of protest movement.’

That may be difficult if the police carry on with their spineless approach to crowd control and the threat of mob-rule.

I would love to know how the likes of the people who support or are a part of groups such as ‘No Dash for Gas’ actually think that we can keep not only the lights on, but all the other systems which rely on energy, just by using renewables. How would they organise themselves if their mobile phone servers had a black-out, or the Internet servers suffered the same fate. Or how would they feel if their grandmother went into hospital for major surgery, only to be told the operation couldn’t be carried out due to power outages and the grandmother had died as a result. I’ll tell you how they would feel, enraged, that’s what. But that will be the consequence if this cock-eyed energy policy is pursued. In the meantime more and more of us will slip into energy poverty as the rising cost of renewable energy systems is picked up by the tax-payer and bill-payers. But the greens and the loony-left and all those other doom-sayers of our future will all be happy until it hits THEM directly. Just watch the U-turns happen, as the penny begins to drop and our infrastructure starts to collapse due to insufficient energy supply. I can’t wait to see the faces of the greeny’s when all their well laid plans fall to a heap at their feet. What then will they protest about!!!


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