Another Blow for Democracy – Part 2

The US (and UK) goverment’s obsession with the surveillance of everyone is beginning to have ramifications for those who ultimately, value their privacy above all else. For many years I have followed the Groklaw site on and off. This site revealed and explained the machinations of various lawsuits against open-source software companies and products. The most ‘famous’ of these was the SCO-Linux lawsuit a few years ago, which SCO eventually lost. But Pamela Jones (a legal journalist) would patiently explained all the ins and outs to us lay-people and also expose, through either her own digging or from correspondents, the subterfuge and out-right lies that sometimes are a hallmark of such cases.

It would seem now that Pamela has decided to shut down the site due to the fear of surveillance of not only her own emails but of those people with which she is in regular contact through the site. I will provide the link to her final post as she can much better state her case than I can do by para-phrasing. All that remains to be said is this is a sad day fro democracy and freedom and I am sure it will not be the last website/internet service which will take this stance. The US and UK governments will gradually kill off the freedoms we know and the freedom to have a point of view through the anonymity of the internet, and leave us with a an emasculated version of the one we enjoy today. 1984 is just about here.

See the Groklaw site:


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