Where are the roads to Freedom?

I have always been a fan of Robin Trower, ever since I heard the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ album back in 1974 at the tender age of 15. Over the years I have lost touch with some of his newer recordings, but like to dip into those I have now and again. Last night, I decided to have a ‘Trower Evening’ and one of the albums was ‘Victims of the Fury’ from 1979. The album has a track entitled ‘Roads to Freedom’ and last night being the 11 of November, the following verse really struck a chord (if you pardon the pun)

“Now truthful life, who hears the soldier cry? He was a hero of the war

But no one comes near, he sheds a lonely tear and wonders what it all was for

And where are the roads to freedom? Where is the life his father knew? Where is the love, where is the joy and tell me, where are the roads to freedom?”

In these days of diminishing freedoms of choice, and life-styles that aren’t ‘approved’ being denormalised, it summed up everything that is wrong with modern life. My father served during WW2 as did his brothers. Thankfully they came back alive but many did not as we know. But they were all fighting to maintain the freedoms that had been won by other wars and toil through, in some cases, many hundreds of years. And yet, in a matter of decades, many of those freedoms have been lost through the mad house policies of politicians who have never seen action, or who have never had to literally fight for what they believe in. Unfortunately, we the public have been complicit to an extent, as we have not challenged the changes with anything like the robustness we should have.

I wonder if this country would be barely recognisable to any of those who fell fighting for freedom. As the man said “where are the roads to freedom??”


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