EU Nonsense

I get regular updates from my local MEP, which is considerate of him as I usually have a rant back about all the nonsense being drafted/decided etc. His latest bulletin contains the following regarding the voting on e-cigs:

“Originally, the Commission (supported by almost all national governments) wanted to make e-cigs subject to strict pharmaceutical prescription.A majority in the parliament disagreed – because e-cigs are a way of stopping smoking, and since ordinary cigarettes are available without prescription, so should e-cigs.In the final “trilogue” negotiation between  parliament and the governments, a compromise had to be reached. It is likely to be voted on, yes or no, by MEPs sometime during February.The major stumbling block was about safety of the refillable phials and how to keep them away from children.If three countries can prove that there is a safety risk with a particular type or brand or cartridge, then the European Commission can adopt measures to ban it. But this will only apply to the specific product, not to all, and the European Parliament has the right to veto any such ban.

A spoonful of concentrated nicotine could kill a child so restrictions of some kind were inevitable. The original proposal was for a restriction of 4mg/ml and no refillable cartridges so this is a far better deal than we MEPs could have expected. It might mean people have to refill more often or take longer puffs but it won’t have any impact on the amount of nicotine they can physically breathe in.”

It was that last paragraph in the main that made me gag especially the bit about a spoonful of nicotine concentrate. Well yes, I am sure it may well do, but so would a spoonful of bleach and that ain’t banned yet. In fact, applying that principal to many other substances would surely mean an outright ban. So why is nicotine seen as so special and needing such special precautions. Well, I think we all know the reason for that. And of course, the above reflects the complete lie that its all about ‘the children’.

I of course, replied to this information in a suitably robust manner, to which I doubt I will get any reply.

Other news from the bulletin shows the troughers in the EU want to continue to select people for high office within the EU by the closed meeting method. So once again, we get a bunch of people dictating our lives for whom none of us have any influence on. And yet all these MEP’s, including the one supposedly representing me, seems to be more than happy with this situation. What is in the mindset of people who champion democracy and liberalism, while at the same time accepting the EU situation. I really don’t understand.

My personal stance is that anyone, in any flavour of government, who accepted all the treaties (Lisbon, Maastricht etc) should be regarded as a traitor and judged accordingly. For they have sold our sovereignty to the highest bidder.


2 thoughts on “EU Nonsense

  1. I stopped smoking several weeks ago after a lifetime of close to a pack a day. Trust me, it was only e-cigarettes that did it for me. And continues doing it for me. It’s very disheartening to then find that there’s a whole hell of a lot of ‘caring’ people out there intent on ripping this ‘lifesaving'{?} and dramatic money saver out from under me.

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