Being Angry is a full time job…

I don’t know if its age and therefore an inevitable crankiness, or its the fact that there is a lot more that pisses me off. But I am finding that most days I get angry about something and there seem to be more and more of them.

When I was (much) younger, I got angry about the things that most teenagers do: parents who apparently didn’t understand you or your musical tastes; petty authority, the usual stuff. I then went through a period between mid-twenties to early forties just sort of accepting things. You know, “well it is what it is why should I bother getting upset” sort of attitude. This period pretty much coincided with marriage and raising a young family. And then at the age of 40 I had an almost Damascene conversion moment and thought, “No bollocks, I’m not being pushed around any longer”. And since then, more and more things make me angry.

I am ANGRY that we have had successive governments give away OUR sovereignty.

I am ANGRY that we are in the EU

I am angry that we can’t seem to just get out of the EU easily.

I am ANGRY we were lied to about what the EU is all about.

I am ANGRY we still being lied to about what the EU is all about.

I am ANGRY that democracy in this country is being rapidly eroded

I am ANGRY that free-speech in this country is being rapidly eroded.

I am ANGRY about Tobacco Control

I am ANGRY the NHS wastes MY money on anti-smoking advertising

I am ANGRY that a lot of people have accepted the rubbish put out by TC as scientific data

I am ANGRY that every other minority group gets a voice apart from smokers

I am ANGRY that science has been hijacked by spin-doctors who publish crap in the name of science

I am ANGRY that most engineering graduates I come across don’t understand engineering.

I am ANGRY that this, and other governments wastes money on so-called climate change

I am ANGRY that because of the above, my fuel bills keep rising exponentially. So I am paying twice.

I am ANGRY that wind farms don’t actually produce much energy and a 1960’s school boy with an elementary grasp of physics would know this.

I am ANGRY that wind farms chop up birds, bats and other fauna, and yet there use is supported by numerous environmental charities and campaigners.

I am ANGRY that the environmentalists are now running the show, not just providing some expertise in certain areas

I am ANGRY that successive governments have allowed the above to happen

I am ANGRY that people ride bicycles on the pavements

I am ANGRY that no-one has basic manners any more


There’s probably loads more things I get angry about, but after writing this I’m too fuckin angry to think about ’em.

Note: The title of this piece are words taken from a song called ‘Being Angry’ by the excellent Nils Lofgren, from the Silver Lining album.


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