Milliband shows his utter contempt

Most people by now will have either seen in the article in the Sunday Mail, or the various posts on the Blogosphere, regarding Milliband’s latest idea to controll the masses. The so-called leaked document proposes a number of draconian measures to get us all to be ‘healthy’, at least the labour view of healthy.

Labour leader is proposing sweeping new laws to force people to live healthier lives if he wins next year’s General Election.

  • A total ban on the current £300 million sports sponsorship by drinks firms.
  • Minimum alcohol price to stop ‘pre-loading’ by young drinkers.
  • Banning supermarkets from selling drinks near the door, or sweets at the tills.
  • New laws to curb the amount of sugar, fat and salt in food aimed at children – and a 9pm watershed  for TV adverts for unhealthy products that might appeal to youngsters.
  • Lottery cash to build skateboard parks.
  • Aiming to get half the population to take regular exercise within ten years.
  • A goal that children born from next year will be the ‘first smoke free generation’.”
So, in one fell sweep, he aims to bring in USSR-style controls on everything we eat, drink and the ways we enjoy ourselves. A typical Socialist reaction to people enjoying themselves with what is arguably, an ever-decreasing list of ways to enjoy ourselves.
But there’s more. He also proposes to give powers to local police chiefs and town halls to levy a charge on town-centre pubs, to pay for all the extra policing, ambulances and NHS time required to handle the binge-drinkers. No matter that most town centre businesses pay sky-high rates already, let’s hit ’em a bit harder. So a whole lot of other pubs and restaurants will be added to the list of those who went out of business after the smoking ban.
What Milliband and his Socialist cronies don’t seem to get is that any of these measures will not hit the supermarkets and big-business pubs/clubs. They will be able to absorb the extra costs. Those that will go down are the small off-licences, the corner shop selling wine, beer and fags, and the small eateries. More choices will be removed from the high street to just leave those that approved by the state or can afford the extortion payments.
And how the hell do they think that kids born from 2015 will be a smoke-free generation? I am assuming that is smoking tobacco as opposed to cannabis or any other narcotic that is smoked. Cos strangely enough, no-one from the chattering classes ever mentions that the next generation will be ‘drug-free’. And that has a far greater social impact on the nation than smoking tobacco. But of course, most of the current government and opposition have used drugs in the past and think it’s still cool. In fact, judging by the sort of drivel they come out with on a daily basis, they obviously still are.
As far getting the nation healthier, well just look in your own corner, Milliband. Do you think that the following MP’s meet the state-ordained BMI rating?
1. Dianne Abbott
2. Heidi Alexander
3. Graham Allen
4. Ed Balls
5. Anne Begg
6. Gordon Brown
I could go on but you get the picture. They all look like lard-arses. But of course, as with everything Socialist, its a case of ‘not as we do, but as we say’.
And who in the labour party smokes? I am sure they are not a ‘smoke-free’ party.
There are some in the Labour party who are up in arms about this being leaked. I suspect it was leaked deliberately. Leak it out, test the water, see what the reaction is. If it gets a bad press, withdraw and say, ‘just something we were musing over, don’t get exited, nothing to see here, move along’. Then if they ever were to, god help us, regain power, they could trot it out again.
But what I find difficult is that any sane person would even consider having these collection of ideas, and then advocating them as a policy to win an election on. So I can only conclude, if any were needed, this is proof positive of just how mad they are. From their climate-change bollocks, the smoking ban, and now this, they are all completely barking. And all those politicians who have not sort to over-turn any of these measures are also barking. Which doesn’t leave us with much to play with. Only the complete and utter dissolution of Parliament as it now stands, a wholesale rout of the existing MP’s and a completely new start with new ways of thinking. That is the only way forward now. Will it ever happen? Nah, cos too many people in this country are imbecilic enough to believe that some of these policies are right.
So basically, we’re all fucked!

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