Obesity Virus and other noise

Well, they said it wouldn’t happen but in today’s Daily Rubbish there is an article which claims ‘research has found’ that obesity can be caused by a virus, the same ‘sort’ of virus which causes the common cold. To quote the article:

“Scientists believe a virus behind the common cold could have fuelled the obesity epidemic that has swept the developed world. The culprit? A contagious bug called adenovirus 36.

Experts told the European Congress on Obesity in Sofia that eating and exercise habits haven’t changed enough to explain why people worldwide started piling on weight at around the same time.”

So now the powers that rule our lives and dictate every last nuance of it can claim that standing next to a fat person can be contagious, precisely the same argument used to condemn smokers via ‘second-hand smoke’. The slippery slope, which TC said would never happen, already has. The next thing they will find is a gene linked to sugar addiction, in fact it wouldn’t suprise me if there is a Burger King gene or a McDonalds gene.

Where do these people learn their science, and who funds this absolute crap? Where is the peer review for these works, or are the reviewers all of a like-minded stupidity. Surely if there were such a virus, then if you went on a diet and started exercise, the sypmtoms wouldn’t go away. Or is that assertion just too logical.

How will we know, then, if the fat person next to us in the queue has the virus or just over-indulged? Will people start to ask fat people if they have a virus or just eaten too much?

Again though, it invokes in the minds of the idiot public, most of whom believe this drivel, that there is an unclean element to obese/large people, just as they do with smokers. Only this time, the threat is even more invisible than the ‘invisible second-hand smoke’. This is not just 80% invisible but 100%. Oh noes, what will we do!

Of course, there will be an ever-lengthening queue now at doctors surgeries, with people claiming they are unwell and have a virus. I wonder how many doctors will accept this crap and sign yet another script for some wonder drug to kill the virus and make them thin again. And of course there IS a wonder drug to combat it:

“Dr Atkinson has patented a formula for a vaccine to guard against adenovirus 36. But the idea that obesity is contagious is so unusual that he has not been able to get funding to develop the jab” I bet he will now. They will be falling over themselves at the health police, and more of our money will be thrown down yet another deep drain to combat a non-existent problem.


The EU election results have been amply covered by other bloggers. What amused me after the result, not only here but on the continent as well, was the noise of collective sphincters puckering at the temerity of the people to vote for parties they didn’t approve of. Suddenly, MP’s from the mainstream parties are falling over themselves to ensure us that things can change if only we vote for them instead of the upstarts. Camoron assures that he, and only he, can get the rest of Europe to dance to our tune. Yeh right! Monsieur Hollande states that ‘Europe is not working in its present form’ – NO SHIT SHERLOCK! It’s typical of the political class that when their employers (us) finally get pissed off with their lack of progress in doing things the way we want them to, they all seem to find ‘The Way Forward’. Well tough shit Hollande, Camoron and all the rest of you spineless fuck-wits. We have found our various champions and come the general election, it would appear we’re sticking with them.

Unfortunately, I am only too aware that it will be business as usuual in the EU and this is not so much a bloody nose, but a slight irritation. However, the seeds have been sown and one can only hope the momentum will continue to build so that one day, the Empire of Europe will fall. And fall it must if we are to ever recover our sovereignty. Next year is the 800th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. It would be an auspicious time for the political classes to finally accept that the power of the people is paramount, that we are their masters, and they should collectively listen. Because if not, I fear we may be in for rough times ahead.


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