Leaders debate part 2

Well the leaders debate on the BBC has come and gone and once again, Nigel Farage clearly stated his position and stuck to it, even in the face of both hostile leaders from the other parties, and to an extent, a hostile audience. Clearly an audience ‘selected’ by the BBC who were more left than right or centre.

What I would like to know is this: why are those two harridans from over their respective borders (Scotland and Wales), included in this debate. The vast majority of the electorate cannot vote for them so why do they not stick to debating within their respective countries. Any inclusion of either SNP or Plaid Cymru MP’s in an English Parliament surely throws up a constitutional problem in that they could be making laws which govern those who have never voted for them. Now I know this has happened for years via the EU but that was wrong and so is this. No-one seems to have raised this question.

My problem with this election, although it will be the  most interesting one we have had for years, is that the country in the end, and by that I mean we the people, will be the losers. If Labour get a minority, and get into bed with either the LibDems or SNP, we will end up with a re-run of 70’s politics. Unions will flex their muscles and control the Labour party as in the past and we will once again end up as a 3rd world country economically. The EU will be allowed to hold sway on every single aspect of our lives and this will no longer even be a shadow of the country I grew up in. Net result, a back-water country full of public servants producing nothing.

If the Conservatives get a minority, the chance are they will get back into bed with the LibDems not UKIP, and will just have another re-run of the last 5 years. Slightly more palatable than a Labour/LibDem pact but not much. Cameron will renege on an EU referendum, especially now that Juncker has told him we can’t have one before 2019. The climate change bollox will be pushed even more because of the LibDems, and we will drive the remaining energy-intensive industries away. Net result, a back-water country full of public servants producing nothing.

There is of course a pattern to all this in that the LibDems will just prostitute themselves to the highest bidder just to be in power. Clegg is a charlatan and a liar.

So the only way to combat the 2 above outcomes is for everyone to get behind UKIP. That way, one of the other parties will have to sit up and take notice. But if they don’t, at least UKIP can form a credible opposition if they have the numbers and at least combat and keep in check the barmy ideas from whoever gets a majority minority. Any right-thinking person in this country, who believes in the sovereignty of this country, in the independence of its people, who believe we should be freed from the EU yoke, and who put country before self, have a duty to vote UKIP.

It’s that simple!


Clowns to the left of me……….

Well, it’s now exactly 6 weeks to polling day and all the parties are gearing up for the Hustings. Camoron and Company have hurried through some last pieces of legislation in the hope we won’t notice, especially the brain-dead Plain Packaging Bill. This piece of legislation was clearly driven through by ASH and associated cronies, with no-one on the government benches having taken heed of the Australian experience. As was said in a newspaper a few days later, the IRA and other disparate groups will have a field day with this one in smuggling counterfeit fags into the country. Even HMRC, who are not normally credited with too many grains of common sense, advised the government that smuggling and therefore tax avoidance would increase!

We have also had the unseemly site of Camoron trying to hitch a ride on the UKIP band wagon by ‘borrowing’ ideas from them and putting them forward as original thought. One of which, which doesn’t hold any water at all, is the insistence that a referendum will be conferred on the plebs once the great master has done all he can to secure better deals with the EU. Unfortunately, Camoron thinks we can’t see through this drivel, that the EU is never going to compromise, and that by 2017 we will not have any get-out clause. For the changes to occur that Camoron says can be achieved would require a Treaty change and that just ain’t gonna happen. It is also not going to happen, if by some miracle a Treaty change were negotiated, in less than 2 years. So Camoron is just dissembling as usual. The only thing that needs to be done is invoke Article 50 that basically says we want to leave and leave Now! So we have Camoron at left of centre.

We have had a true insight to the animal that is Millipede in the last few months, a man who will take the Labour party back to 70’s left-wing ideas, and drag the country with it if he was given the chance to do so. The Millipede is a true son of the Trotskyite left and would force through so many new laws and legislation, that the British people would be more gagged and suppressed than we are now. The man who invoked and got onto statute the Climate Change Bill would not stop at reducing this country to an investment and industrial desert, with such high energy prices that all current heavy industries would decamp elsewhere. And on top of that, he would decimate the financial industries with over-taxation, reduce our military standing to next to nothing, and generally make the average indigenous Brit a stranger in his/her own country. So we have Millipede at Far-left.

Clegg. Well what can anyone say about Clegg? Bare-faced liar, who will claim anything to stay ‘in power’. LibDems are a bunch of Climate Change, anti-industry, anti-English knobs who would sell us entirely down the swanney to Europe. They are still trotting out the lie that millions of jobs would be lost if we left the EU. They are just a joke. So we have Clegg left of Camoron, slightly right of Millipede.

I guess a round up of the political parties would not be complete without something about the Communist joke that is the Green Party. Cancel Trident, reduce the Armed Forces to zero, a ‘living wage’ for everyone, high tax for the ‘wealthy’ etc..etc. Just the same tired ol;d bollocks from a bunch of latter-day hippies who don’t have a clue. To get an idea of what Britain would be like under the Greens, just spend a day in Brighton. Probably the most fucked up town in Britain. I would be surprised if they retained their one seat in Parliament.

And standing quite unashamedly to the right of the stage (well centre-right) is UKIP, the great white hope. They want Britain to grab back it’s sovereignty from the clutches of a foreign power (the EU), and ensure that we rule ourselves on our terms with our laws. I do think that the time scale for EU departure that UKIP is advocating is somewhat ambitious and frankly I think unattainable. Setting up the mechanism for a referendum is quite a lengthy affair to ensure that it asks the right question(s) and achieve the objective in an unbiased way as possible. People have to feel that they have not been led to a result they do not want. But at least it is on the table.

Other UKIP policies include increased budget for the Armed Forces; Australian-style points system for immigrants; more money for the NHS (not a policy I entirely agree with); removing the PC element from employment; Overhaul of hate crimes etc., to ensure that free speech is not compromised by a climate of pandering to all minorities sensibilities; and a whole host of other sensible, common sense policies which moreover, have been fully costed and have a ring of truth about them. These two final points are more than any of the other parties have managed to present. But the one big thing that UKIP bring to the party is that sense of change, that from now on, it is not just the left-wing policies of the main three parties to choose from, but a genuine 4th option. They haven’t a hope in hell of becoming a majority party, but at least with a credible number, they can bring some influence to bear. I predict about 15 seats because a lot of decent people in this country are pissed off with the status quo. And all the UKIP smear tactics that have been invoked by the MSM, the BBC and many others has only re-enforced in people’s minds that this is the party to bring about genuine change.

I know who will get my vote on May the 7th.

Freedom and Justice – the Twin Pillars of Democracy

The politicians from the LibLabCon parties have begun their electioneering, and various speeches have been made to different groups. In essence, the messages from these boil down to this:

Conservative – Cameron thinks the economy is on the up, the NHS needs yet more money, immigration ‘needs to be looked at’, and the surveillance agencies need more powers.

Labour – Milliband thinks the economy is shit, the NHS needs even more money than the Conservatives have said, immigration isn’t a problem, and the surveillance agencies need much greater powers.

LibDems – what ever they say doesn’t really matter as the chances of them returning many MP’s after the General Election is pretty slim

UKIP – well at least here we have Farage speaking some sense about the erosion of our culture due to mass immigration, the evils of the EU and few other things.

But missing from all the above is any mention of Freedom and Justice. Without these, there is no Democracy. Without Freedom there is no Justice, and without Justice there is no freedom. Oh there has been lots of weasel words over the last week regarding freedom of speech, but this is not the only element of freedom. I am specifically thinking about the secret courts we now have in this country, some of which were brought in by the last Labour government. These should have been abolished immediately the coalition came to power, and any government with a hint of conservative heritage would have done just that. There is no place in a democracy for secret courts, absolutely none except in extreme cases. The ONLY time there should be secret hearings would be if national security would be compromised, or the safety of security agents/agencies would be compromised. But these would only form part of a court session, not the whole sitting. And instead of abolishing them or at least cutting them to those strictly necessary, this government EXTENDED them! And the option to use them only as a last resort was not included in the legislation. At least Family Court and Court of Protection proceedings can now be made public as of January last year, but that was after a long fight. But in a true democracy, these fights would not be necessary.

The current set of MP’s were are lumbered with appear to think that trading freedom for security is what everyone is happy with, as they will be fulfilling their primary role as a government, which is to protect the citizens. But sometimes, that price can be too high and we reached that point a long time ago. Benjamin Franklin once wrote: “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one”. Ansd how right he was. All this trading has ended with us being attacked on all sides from Muslim extremists, our way of life undermined by politicians, and our freedoms stripped away.

Every day, I walk a mile across town from a parking place to my place of work. I must pass at least ten ‘security’ cameras. Do I feel any safer than I did 30 years ago when these didn’t exist? Do I hell, because 30 years ago there was usually a copper around the corner patrolling the streets, and his/her presence automatically made you feel safe. We didn’t have security guards outside stores because a) there was usually a copper around as above and b) the justice system dealt correctly with anyone who was light-fingered who wished to do another harm. So the justice system worked for US. Now the justice system has been high-jacked to work for government and big business, government including the NHS, Social Workers and a plethora of government employees who feel they have ‘our best interests at heart’. NHS whistle-blowers get fired and do not receive justice; social workers who do the same receive no justice; and the families involved in both these instances don’t get justice. Local government rides rough shod over planning decisions especially if it has a ‘green’ or ‘environmental’ element. And wow betide the local council and people who vote against the construction of a wind farm This will be referred to Ed Davey’s group of idiots and it will be nodded through. So much for local democracy.

And this is a situation that is repeated over and over again throughout the country. The smoking ban is a particular nasty example of government riding rough-shod over the will of the people and instead, being in thrall to NGO’s, i.e. Tobacco Control. A survey on banning smoking found the majority of people did not want a ban. But that was totally ignored and the ban brought in anyway. How can that be construed as anything but an attack on Justice, Freedom and therefore Democracy.

How do we get back to a situation where by MP’s, civil servants, local government et al get back to being OUR servants and not the other way round? How did we slide into this without either noticing or shouting against it? Well one of the reasons is that one cannot get a cigarette paper between the policies of Labour/Conservative/LibDem and so we end up with the same government no matter how we vote. So will say, and I agree to a certain extent, that UKIP is different and a breath of fresh air against all what has come before. But I don’t believe that they will achieve any more than a dozen seats in the next Parliament, and while that represents a quite effective opposition, it still will not be enough to override even more ridiculous decisions that will be taken in our name. Maybe this will take 3 or 4 more GE’s to overturn and at each one, UKIP will make even greater inroads until finally becoming the majority. But that is 20 years away. Quite frankly, I can’t wait 20 years for things to change. We need to start getting our freedoms back NOW, piece by piece. How that’s done is a difficult question to answer, but we can start by questioning decisions made at local levels. Use the FOI to find out where money has been spent and why, and why those decisions were made. From personal experience, it doesn’t half piss em off in the local council when you pursue an FOI request. Especially if they knock you back the first time and you dig in. It costs them time and money, but they do ahve to comply unless they have a rock-solid legal reason not too. Once any information is released this way it can go into the public domain, via the local newspaper. And local rags love these sort of stories.

This may be a very small step in grabbing back our freedoms, but if enough of us do it, it WILL make a difference. And we can then start to rebuild the Pillars of Democracy.


The Free Speech Conundrum

After the terrible events in France over the past week, questions from various parties are being asked as to how this could happen/be prevented in the future etc..etc. There is hand-wringing from political leaders from most European countries still trotting out the ‘This is nothing to do with Islam’ meme, and far-right groups wanting to just declare war on the whole of Islam.

The issue that these events have centred around are to do with free speech and responsibility. There are those who will advocate that anything is fair game and the particular group that is being ridiculed should just to take it on the chin. There are others who will say that some subjects are no-go and that free speech should be tempered with responsibility, and an understanding of the feelings of the likely recipients of the ridicule. This is all rubbish, and mostly a smoke screen to cover the obvious, and what no politician in the west will admit.

It is simply this. With the advent of the Enlightenment Period in the mid 18th C, people in the West began to have grown-up attitudes toward religious and cultural icons. No longer was the church the sole advocates of how mankind came to be and should act. Science, and the scientific way of thinking, replaced the church and religion as the driver for thinking and acting. Science challenged and overthrew the incumbent orthodoxies regarding religion and culture. Satirical humour during this period burgeoned, with any and all political and religious figures of the day being fair game for lampooning. Discovery of the truth through scientific endeavour became almost a religion in itself. It is as if the Western world became free of dogma and could finally get down to the business of finding out where we came from, how things work, creating things to make life easier etc., etc. We started to develop as a people and a country. Religion was moved to the periphery of life. This was not of course limited to Britain. This movement and its thinking was widely embraced in most of the countries of Europe.

In the Eastern world, no such change took place. Religion and religious leaders maintained their grip on learning, thought and deed and therefore effectively controlled people’s actions. This extended into politics, with most of the Eastern world dominated (and still is) by dictatorships and one party or tribe states. Religion was still at the centre of life and still is. Ridicule of religious and cultural icons is unheard of in many of these countries, and indeed most of its people probably wouldn’t understand why we in the West do it. They have a reverence for their ‘leaders’ which we do not. Free speech is not a part of life much in the way that, these days, religion is not part of most people’s lives in the West. In short, we have diametrically opposed cultural and belief systems.

So when peoples from these areas of the world move to the West, there was and is a cultural misunderstanding from day one. Those from more enlightened backgrounds, or who had absorbed Western influences via the effects of various European empires, quite easily adapted and integrated. Those who have not, do not integrate, become increasingly isolated and fall back on their religious/cultural background for support. They find like-minded others and form groups and, effectively, ghettoes. A leader then appears and begins fulminating against the attitudes of the host country and its people, and so begins the process of hate.

The ordinary man in the street’s approach in the West to this attitude has been the same as when our own cultural, political and religious leaders have been attacked by us. We absorb it, we accept that it’s all part of our free speech culture and anyway, they’re just a bunch of loud-mouthed idiots blowing off. Take no notice etc., etc. But here’s the conundrum: at what point do we say ‘enough is enough’, that is not part of free speech but incitement to violence? At what point do we start taking direct action against people who culturally and religiously oppose our own views? And in doing so, do we then become open to having our own free speech curtailed?

Unfortunately, what has happened is that generations of spineless MP’s have decided that our free speech is the unacceptable one, and the Imam’s and hate-mongers is OK. The Islamic hatred of us has been allowed to get out of hand by the very politicians who are now wringing their hands over Paris. Even now, they are still apologists for Islam. What they should have done is to inform the Choundry’s of this world that free speech was a two way street and piss-taking was part of our culture. Furthermore, if they didn’t accept that way of life, then there are other countries more than willing to take them in. In short, politicians and all the other liberal PC hand-wringing idiots should have SUPPORTED OUR CULTURE AND WAY OF LIFE, and expected the incomers to adapt. We should NOT HAVE TO ADAPT TO THEM.

Where do we go from here then? It’s difficult, as we do not have any politicians who are likely to gain power, who possess any sort of back bone. Nigel Farage of course, said it correctly and was roundly vilified for speaking the obvious. Unfortunately, as much as it would be the desired outcome, UKIP ain’t going to win a GE anytime soon. Yes they will gain seats and yes this will allow them to exert more influence over Parliament. But with the next government more likely consisting of a coalition from the already spineless bunch we already have, the future is not rosy. What all politicians and apologists should now realise, is that the ordinary man-in-the-street is getting angry; angry at the way he has been marginalised in his own country and angry that he is expected to adapt to the migrants ways. This anger is already beginning to come out in the marches in Germany and in time this will spread across Europe. What the outcome will be is anyone’s guess, but it’s certainly going to get ugly. And all because the politicians didn’t listen!

Porn delivery for the technically inept

Much has been written, and many people have become exited over, the governments announcement this week that they will get Google to prevent the delivery of porn images.

A quote from Cameroon in this weeks Daily Bollocks:

‘Companies like Google make their living out of trawling and categorising content on the web so that in a few key-strokes you can find what you’re looking for out of unimaginable amounts of information.

‘Then they sell advertising space to companies, based on your search patterns.

‘It would be like the Post Office helping someone to identify and order the illegal material in the first place – and then sending it onto them, in which case they absolutely would be held responsible for their actions.’

No Mr Cameron, it ain’t. Its like this:

In the dim and distant past, in a time before WWW, people watched porn on video, and bought porn magazines. They purchased these from abroad, or that mailing address (PO Box) somewhere in London/Birmingham etc. Said pornography was then dispatched to purchaser by the Royal Mail. I can’t ever once remember the Post Office being required to check plain brown parcels for porn.
And this is the position of Google or any other search engine. It is purely a delivery system, with the deliverer having no knowledge of the content (other than the server farm and the software running it)

In the next government, whatever flavour we end up with, can we please have people who actually know what they’re talking about. This is not just about technology, but all the other areas of government when a minister will come out and spout absolute bollocks in the hope that at least 50% of the electorate will believe him/her. Or at least employ advisers with extensive knowledge who can them brief the minister accordingly.

I guess until we get away from PR shills and Lawyers running the country, nothing will change. It should be a prerequisite for any would be MP to have spent at least 10 years in a proper job.

Until that day comes, we will have ever-increasing ineptitude in government.