Lest we forget

Tomorrow is the 70th Anniversary of the start of the D-Day Landings. It is also the Centenary of the start of the First World War this year, “the War to end all Wars”. Both of these anniversaries are about remembering the sacrifices made by 100’s of 1000’s of (mainly) young people who battled against the spread of evil empires. Who made the ultimate sacrifice so those that followed would not live under the yoke of dictatorships and the consequent loss of freedoms.

So it is a very appropriate time, both tomorrow, and the rest of this year, to take stock of what our politicians have thrown away over the last 40+ years. In fact, ever since the Second World War ended, and barely before the the immediate horrific memories of those six years had faded, politicians were conspiring to bring us under another yoke. First the League of Nations became the United Nations, which under it’s founding ideals, was a laudable enterprise. Unfortunately, over the years, this has become a club of nations which believe that the rest of us cannot conduct our lives without interference.

This then spawned the World Health Organisation, which again, originally, was an organisation to bring wealthy nations together to help those less fortunate and promote the eradication of disease. This has now become the World Nannying Organisation which believes that none of us can lead our lives without interference.

And then we get the EU, once known to some of us as simply the ‘Common Market’. Back when the first of the European nations decided to get together in the 50’s with the aim of ensuring that Europe never went to war again. Again, high ideals, which didn’t quite take into account the natural affinity of some people for making trouble and wanting to either grab back what they thought they had lost, or just want some land they think their neighbours shouldn’t be on. I’m thinking here of the Balkan and Greek conflicts. However, when it was sold to the British electorate, it was supposed to be a way to ensure a market for our goods, and also enable us to buy from a large market place. However, as we now know, this was just an out and out lie. From then on, we became sucked further and further into the clutches of an empire over which we have no control and no way of fighting back against. It is the ultimate take-over as it has been sanctioned all the way through by our politicians. The only referendum on being in this evil empire was when we were lied to. And make no mistake, it is an empire as evil, if not more so, as any other. Evil because we have no ability to fight against it, either through the ballot box or taking up arms. We have tried the ballot box and look where that has got us. Oh a few crumbs here and there, mainly by battling from such stalwarts as Margaret Thatcher. But once Major got in, he gave more away, and the arch traitor Blair, even more so. The recent ‘landslide’ from UKIP has not really changed anything after the initial sphincter-puckering had quietened down. It is business as usual in the EU because there is still a majority of pro-EU types in the joke of a parliament. And of course, the European Commission, that cabal of idiots who make up all the rules, and for whom none of us have been able to vote for, still consists of the same people. Still in place, still making the rules, still unaccountable. Who in their right minds decided, after the many conflicts including two world wars which were fought to combat dictatorships, decided this was ‘the way forward’. To give away everything that people had sacrificed their lives for in the interests of what? Peace in Europe? Hasn’t happened! 300 million people united and living in harmony? Not happened!

So, to all the politicians who will be no doubt want to be seen tomorrow, glad-handing each other and the few remaining veterans; GET THE HELL OUT OF IT – you don’t deserve to lick the boots of any of those men. You have given away what they fought for, and saddled us with a new European Empire which none of us knows. At least it was understood why there was the need to fight the Kaiser and Hitler – their cause was clearly defined. This Empire’s take over has been so insidious, that we have been coerced and sleep-walked into something we no longer understand, and don’t know how we got here. Well, it’s down to those bastards who will be hypocritically standing at various cenotaphs over the next few weeks, pretending they remember the sacrifice. They don’t, they understand  nothing about service, loyalty and morality. In any other age, they would have been tried for treason then hung, drawn and quartered.

It’s never too late for a revolution.

Obesity Virus and other noise

Well, they said it wouldn’t happen but in today’s Daily Rubbish there is an article which claims ‘research has found’ that obesity can be caused by a virus, the same ‘sort’ of virus which causes the common cold. To quote the article:

“Scientists believe a virus behind the common cold could have fuelled the obesity epidemic that has swept the developed world. The culprit? A contagious bug called adenovirus 36.

Experts told the European Congress on Obesity in Sofia that eating and exercise habits haven’t changed enough to explain why people worldwide started piling on weight at around the same time.”

So now the powers that rule our lives and dictate every last nuance of it can claim that standing next to a fat person can be contagious, precisely the same argument used to condemn smokers via ‘second-hand smoke’. The slippery slope, which TC said would never happen, already has. The next thing they will find is a gene linked to sugar addiction, in fact it wouldn’t suprise me if there is a Burger King gene or a McDonalds gene.

Where do these people learn their science, and who funds this absolute crap? Where is the peer review for these works, or are the reviewers all of a like-minded stupidity. Surely if there were such a virus, then if you went on a diet and started exercise, the sypmtoms wouldn’t go away. Or is that assertion just too logical.

How will we know, then, if the fat person next to us in the queue has the virus or just over-indulged? Will people start to ask fat people if they have a virus or just eaten too much?

Again though, it invokes in the minds of the idiot public, most of whom believe this drivel, that there is an unclean element to obese/large people, just as they do with smokers. Only this time, the threat is even more invisible than the ‘invisible second-hand smoke’. This is not just 80% invisible but 100%. Oh noes, what will we do!

Of course, there will be an ever-lengthening queue now at doctors surgeries, with people claiming they are unwell and have a virus. I wonder how many doctors will accept this crap and sign yet another script for some wonder drug to kill the virus and make them thin again. And of course there IS a wonder drug to combat it:

“Dr Atkinson has patented a formula for a vaccine to guard against adenovirus 36. But the idea that obesity is contagious is so unusual that he has not been able to get funding to develop the jab” I bet he will now. They will be falling over themselves at the health police, and more of our money will be thrown down yet another deep drain to combat a non-existent problem.


The EU election results have been amply covered by other bloggers. What amused me after the result, not only here but on the continent as well, was the noise of collective sphincters puckering at the temerity of the people to vote for parties they didn’t approve of. Suddenly, MP’s from the mainstream parties are falling over themselves to ensure us that things can change if only we vote for them instead of the upstarts. Camoron assures that he, and only he, can get the rest of Europe to dance to our tune. Yeh right! Monsieur Hollande states that ‘Europe is not working in its present form’ – NO SHIT SHERLOCK! It’s typical of the political class that when their employers (us) finally get pissed off with their lack of progress in doing things the way we want them to, they all seem to find ‘The Way Forward’. Well tough shit Hollande, Camoron and all the rest of you spineless fuck-wits. We have found our various champions and come the general election, it would appear we’re sticking with them.

Unfortunately, I am only too aware that it will be business as usuual in the EU and this is not so much a bloody nose, but a slight irritation. However, the seeds have been sown and one can only hope the momentum will continue to build so that one day, the Empire of Europe will fall. And fall it must if we are to ever recover our sovereignty. Next year is the 800th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. It would be an auspicious time for the political classes to finally accept that the power of the people is paramount, that we are their masters, and they should collectively listen. Because if not, I fear we may be in for rough times ahead.

Being Angry is a full time job…

I don’t know if its age and therefore an inevitable crankiness, or its the fact that there is a lot more that pisses me off. But I am finding that most days I get angry about something and there seem to be more and more of them.

When I was (much) younger, I got angry about the things that most teenagers do: parents who apparently didn’t understand you or your musical tastes; petty authority, the usual stuff. I then went through a period between mid-twenties to early forties just sort of accepting things. You know, “well it is what it is why should I bother getting upset” sort of attitude. This period pretty much coincided with marriage and raising a young family. And then at the age of 40 I had an almost Damascene conversion moment and thought, “No bollocks, I’m not being pushed around any longer”. And since then, more and more things make me angry.

I am ANGRY that we have had successive governments give away OUR sovereignty.

I am ANGRY that we are in the EU

I am angry that we can’t seem to just get out of the EU easily.

I am ANGRY we were lied to about what the EU is all about.

I am ANGRY we still being lied to about what the EU is all about.

I am ANGRY that democracy in this country is being rapidly eroded

I am ANGRY that free-speech in this country is being rapidly eroded.

I am ANGRY about Tobacco Control

I am ANGRY the NHS wastes MY money on anti-smoking advertising

I am ANGRY that a lot of people have accepted the rubbish put out by TC as scientific data

I am ANGRY that every other minority group gets a voice apart from smokers

I am ANGRY that science has been hijacked by spin-doctors who publish crap in the name of science

I am ANGRY that most engineering graduates I come across don’t understand engineering.

I am ANGRY that this, and other governments wastes money on so-called climate change

I am ANGRY that because of the above, my fuel bills keep rising exponentially. So I am paying twice.

I am ANGRY that wind farms don’t actually produce much energy and a 1960’s school boy with an elementary grasp of physics would know this.

I am ANGRY that wind farms chop up birds, bats and other fauna, and yet there use is supported by numerous environmental charities and campaigners.

I am ANGRY that the environmentalists are now running the show, not just providing some expertise in certain areas

I am ANGRY that successive governments have allowed the above to happen

I am ANGRY that people ride bicycles on the pavements

I am ANGRY that no-one has basic manners any more


There’s probably loads more things I get angry about, but after writing this I’m too fuckin angry to think about ’em.

Note: The title of this piece are words taken from a song called ‘Being Angry’ by the excellent Nils Lofgren, from the Silver Lining album.


I came across this film today on YouTube. I haven’t seen it before, some of you may have. It details the history of how we, the British people, were coerced and hood-winked into believing the EU was a good idea. It is an extremely good film and worth watching if you value at all your British Sovereignty.

Quite what we do to reverse this catalogue of betrayal and treason I know not.

Forever Gone – Logic and Common Sense

I see that the EU is forcing through their desire for E10 fuel. At the moment we have fuel (whether diesel or petrol) that has to have 5% bio-fuel added. This came in a few years ago. When it was first muted, most commentators with an ounce of knowledge of the Internal Combustion Engine and the calorific value of fuels, knew that this would cause performance problems. And so it was proved. But not too much to give much cause for great concern. Now the idiots are pressing for 10% mix of biofuel and yes the experts have said yet again, that this will affect performance. Not only that, but it produces more CO2 than fuel without the biofuel content. All the info on this is here:


But it is not only the engine performance that is affected, the engine wear is increased as the fuel contains less of the detergent additives that keep the shite out of the engine. Plus, to get biofuel, most of it comes from palm oil which is grown in places like Indonesia. Here they have been ripping up great swathes of jungle to plant biofuel as that makes shit-loads of money and jungle doesn’t. Indigenous peoples get displaced, animals such as Orangutans lose their natural habitat, and the CO2 and pollution-sucking properties of the trees are lost.

Which leads me to a logical mind game I amused myself with last night and it goes something like this:

The EU, along with many other brain-dead organisations, believe we are doomed due to the rise in CO2 and concomitant rise in temperatures (which haven’t happened). So they talk about Big Evil Oil and batter them into submission through extra taxation and enforcement of greater regulation, one of which is the biofuel additive. (Well strictly speaking, it aint an additive as it replaces 10% of the fuel which should be there) Said biofuel has to come from Palm Oil, which is grown overseas and therefore has to be transported to the refinery, as well as the crude oil. Jungle has to be cleared to make way for palm oil trees, which then cuts down the CO2-sucking properties of the indigenous trees and therefore promotes a rise in CO2. The vehicle fuel is less efficient, so the car/lorry/bus uses more of it, and it also produces more CO2. The engine wear is greater so the vehicle doesn’t last as long, so more vehicles have to be produced, which makes more CO2. So the upshot of this grand idea is that the only people who are going to gain from this are the oil companies, through a greater requirement, and the car manufacturers,  two industries that the EU loves to hate. The rest of us will have to pay more.

I do wonder if anyone within government, either EU or national, has the slightest ability to perform these simple logical progressions and realise that what they are advocating is pure nonsense. The whole process took me longer to write than it did to think through. So I can only assume that mullah is changing hands in certain areas to ensure these ‘initiatives’ get approved.

Which brings me to another point. Why do government term so many things ‘initiatives’ when they quite clearly are not born out of anyone using initiative. I guess it’s to make the drones think that it has been thought through.

If there are any flaws in my logic, answers on a postcard to the usual address please.

EU Nonsense

I get regular updates from my local MEP, which is considerate of him as I usually have a rant back about all the nonsense being drafted/decided etc. His latest bulletin contains the following regarding the voting on e-cigs:

“Originally, the Commission (supported by almost all national governments) wanted to make e-cigs subject to strict pharmaceutical prescription.A majority in the parliament disagreed – because e-cigs are a way of stopping smoking, and since ordinary cigarettes are available without prescription, so should e-cigs.In the final “trilogue” negotiation between  parliament and the governments, a compromise had to be reached. It is likely to be voted on, yes or no, by MEPs sometime during February.The major stumbling block was about safety of the refillable phials and how to keep them away from children.If three countries can prove that there is a safety risk with a particular type or brand or cartridge, then the European Commission can adopt measures to ban it. But this will only apply to the specific product, not to all, and the European Parliament has the right to veto any such ban.

A spoonful of concentrated nicotine could kill a child so restrictions of some kind were inevitable. The original proposal was for a restriction of 4mg/ml and no refillable cartridges so this is a far better deal than we MEPs could have expected. It might mean people have to refill more often or take longer puffs but it won’t have any impact on the amount of nicotine they can physically breathe in.”

It was that last paragraph in the main that made me gag especially the bit about a spoonful of nicotine concentrate. Well yes, I am sure it may well do, but so would a spoonful of bleach and that ain’t banned yet. In fact, applying that principal to many other substances would surely mean an outright ban. So why is nicotine seen as so special and needing such special precautions. Well, I think we all know the reason for that. And of course, the above reflects the complete lie that its all about ‘the children’.

I of course, replied to this information in a suitably robust manner, to which I doubt I will get any reply.

Other news from the bulletin shows the troughers in the EU want to continue to select people for high office within the EU by the closed meeting method. So once again, we get a bunch of people dictating our lives for whom none of us have any influence on. And yet all these MEP’s, including the one supposedly representing me, seems to be more than happy with this situation. What is in the mindset of people who champion democracy and liberalism, while at the same time accepting the EU situation. I really don’t understand.

My personal stance is that anyone, in any flavour of government, who accepted all the treaties (Lisbon, Maastricht etc) should be regarded as a traitor and judged accordingly. For they have sold our sovereignty to the highest bidder.