Leaders debate part 2

Well the leaders debate on the BBC has come and gone and once again, Nigel Farage clearly stated his position and stuck to it, even in the face of both hostile leaders from the other parties, and to an extent, a hostile audience. Clearly an audience ‘selected’ by the BBC who were more left than right or centre.

What I would like to know is this: why are those two harridans from over their respective borders (Scotland and Wales), included in this debate. The vast majority of the electorate cannot vote for them so why do they not stick to debating within their respective countries. Any inclusion of either SNP or Plaid Cymru MP’s in an English Parliament surely throws up a constitutional problem in that they could be making laws which govern those who have never voted for them. Now I know this has happened for years via the EU but that was wrong and so is this. No-one seems to have raised this question.

My problem with this election, although it will be the  most interesting one we have had for years, is that the country in the end, and by that I mean we the people, will be the losers. If Labour get a minority, and get into bed with either the LibDems or SNP, we will end up with a re-run of 70’s politics. Unions will flex their muscles and control the Labour party as in the past and we will once again end up as a 3rd world country economically. The EU will be allowed to hold sway on every single aspect of our lives and this will no longer even be a shadow of the country I grew up in. Net result, a back-water country full of public servants producing nothing.

If the Conservatives get a minority, the chance are they will get back into bed with the LibDems not UKIP, and will just have another re-run of the last 5 years. Slightly more palatable than a Labour/LibDem pact but not much. Cameron will renege on an EU referendum, especially now that Juncker has told him we can’t have one before 2019. The climate change bollox will be pushed even more because of the LibDems, and we will drive the remaining energy-intensive industries away. Net result, a back-water country full of public servants producing nothing.

There is of course a pattern to all this in that the LibDems will just prostitute themselves to the highest bidder just to be in power. Clegg is a charlatan and a liar.

So the only way to combat the 2 above outcomes is for everyone to get behind UKIP. That way, one of the other parties will have to sit up and take notice. But if they don’t, at least UKIP can form a credible opposition if they have the numbers and at least combat and keep in check the barmy ideas from whoever gets a majority minority. Any right-thinking person in this country, who believes in the sovereignty of this country, in the independence of its people, who believe we should be freed from the EU yoke, and who put country before self, have a duty to vote UKIP.

It’s that simple!


Clowns to the left of me……….

Well, it’s now exactly 6 weeks to polling day and all the parties are gearing up for the Hustings. Camoron and Company have hurried through some last pieces of legislation in the hope we won’t notice, especially the brain-dead Plain Packaging Bill. This piece of legislation was clearly driven through by ASH and associated cronies, with no-one on the government benches having taken heed of the Australian experience. As was said in a newspaper a few days later, the IRA and other disparate groups will have a field day with this one in smuggling counterfeit fags into the country. Even HMRC, who are not normally credited with too many grains of common sense, advised the government that smuggling and therefore tax avoidance would increase!

We have also had the unseemly site of Camoron trying to hitch a ride on the UKIP band wagon by ‘borrowing’ ideas from them and putting them forward as original thought. One of which, which doesn’t hold any water at all, is the insistence that a referendum will be conferred on the plebs once the great master has done all he can to secure better deals with the EU. Unfortunately, Camoron thinks we can’t see through this drivel, that the EU is never going to compromise, and that by 2017 we will not have any get-out clause. For the changes to occur that Camoron says can be achieved would require a Treaty change and that just ain’t gonna happen. It is also not going to happen, if by some miracle a Treaty change were negotiated, in less than 2 years. So Camoron is just dissembling as usual. The only thing that needs to be done is invoke Article 50 that basically says we want to leave and leave Now! So we have Camoron at left of centre.

We have had a true insight to the animal that is Millipede in the last few months, a man who will take the Labour party back to 70’s left-wing ideas, and drag the country with it if he was given the chance to do so. The Millipede is a true son of the Trotskyite left and would force through so many new laws and legislation, that the British people would be more gagged and suppressed than we are now. The man who invoked and got onto statute the Climate Change Bill would not stop at reducing this country to an investment and industrial desert, with such high energy prices that all current heavy industries would decamp elsewhere. And on top of that, he would decimate the financial industries with over-taxation, reduce our military standing to next to nothing, and generally make the average indigenous Brit a stranger in his/her own country. So we have Millipede at Far-left.

Clegg. Well what can anyone say about Clegg? Bare-faced liar, who will claim anything to stay ‘in power’. LibDems are a bunch of Climate Change, anti-industry, anti-English knobs who would sell us entirely down the swanney to Europe. They are still trotting out the lie that millions of jobs would be lost if we left the EU. They are just a joke. So we have Clegg left of Camoron, slightly right of Millipede.

I guess a round up of the political parties would not be complete without something about the Communist joke that is the Green Party. Cancel Trident, reduce the Armed Forces to zero, a ‘living wage’ for everyone, high tax for the ‘wealthy’ etc..etc. Just the same tired ol;d bollocks from a bunch of latter-day hippies who don’t have a clue. To get an idea of what Britain would be like under the Greens, just spend a day in Brighton. Probably the most fucked up town in Britain. I would be surprised if they retained their one seat in Parliament.

And standing quite unashamedly to the right of the stage (well centre-right) is UKIP, the great white hope. They want Britain to grab back it’s sovereignty from the clutches of a foreign power (the EU), and ensure that we rule ourselves on our terms with our laws. I do think that the time scale for EU departure that UKIP is advocating is somewhat ambitious and frankly I think unattainable. Setting up the mechanism for a referendum is quite a lengthy affair to ensure that it asks the right question(s) and achieve the objective in an unbiased way as possible. People have to feel that they have not been led to a result they do not want. But at least it is on the table.

Other UKIP policies include increased budget for the Armed Forces; Australian-style points system for immigrants; more money for the NHS (not a policy I entirely agree with); removing the PC element from employment; Overhaul of hate crimes etc., to ensure that free speech is not compromised by a climate of pandering to all minorities sensibilities; and a whole host of other sensible, common sense policies which moreover, have been fully costed and have a ring of truth about them. These two final points are more than any of the other parties have managed to present. But the one big thing that UKIP bring to the party is that sense of change, that from now on, it is not just the left-wing policies of the main three parties to choose from, but a genuine 4th option. They haven’t a hope in hell of becoming a majority party, but at least with a credible number, they can bring some influence to bear. I predict about 15 seats because a lot of decent people in this country are pissed off with the status quo. And all the UKIP smear tactics that have been invoked by the MSM, the BBC and many others has only re-enforced in people’s minds that this is the party to bring about genuine change.

I know who will get my vote on May the 7th.

Racism and double standards

I’ve been following with interest the babbling in both the MSM and Facebook, regarding the furore over comments said, or supposedly said, by a few UKIP candidates. It appears that UKIP are beginning to worry all three parties to the degree they have to join hands and collectively decry UKIP as being racist (with a capital R). Now, some of what was said by the candidates, I don’t personally agree with, but it’s as with all things in life, I don’t have to listen to them. If they were the candidate in my area, then I would balance these personal views against what they were claiming to be able to do for their constituents. In the same way I have done for every other candidate that I have considered voting for over the years. When I last voted Conservative (a while ago mind) I didn’t personally like the chap who was candidate. He came door stepping and I thought he was an arrogant twit. But the policies he was advocating were better than those of the local Labour, LibDem or other parties. In short, I was voting for the party policies and not the man. And that’s where it’s all come unstuck over the last few years. People are voting for personalities, the same way as they vote on ‘Britains got Talent’, instead of actually judging whether the person can sing the right song, in tune. We have become so superficial, that judging a person by their deeds has gone out of the window and it’s all looks and sound-bytes. It also essentially dubs those people who agree with the main thrust of UKIP’s proposals, as a bunch of racists. As Farage said this week:

“This is like the incident between Gordon Brown and Gillian Duffy at the last general election writ large – this time it is not merely one person being slandered by one establishment party but huge numbers of decent British people under attack and all three Westminster parties levelling the charge of racism and bigotry. So they are trying to browbeat the British public into abandoning Ukip and sticking with open-door immigration by using the most disgraceful slurs. This is the classic tactic of any cartel whose position is threatened by a new competitor in the market place.
“When Ukip was perceived mainly as a threat to the Conservative party, it was David Cameron and his colleagues who used this tactic. Now we are recognised as a threat to the entire establishment it is all three parties that are slinging mud.”

Now in my mind, the Labour party especially, but to a lesser degree, LibDems and Conservative, think that if you are white, male, middle-class, hold down a decent job and have a mortgage, smoke, drink and do all the normal things that people do, then you are lower than low. Someone to be milked of tax, vilified for smoking, vilified for wanting to improve your life and that of your kids, and generally being decent and hard working. So can I level the racists slur at them? Can I accuse them of racism because I feel marginalised in my own country? Can I complain that my vote counts for nothing because of who I am, and therefore I have been disenfranchised? Well, I should be able to, and the only way I see of doing that is through a party such as UKIP, who do hold those things as worthy, who do recognise our history and what made Britain great, and why the vast majority of middle-england are the wealth generators in the country. And I think they also understand that most of middle-england feels as I do, disenfranchised.

On another note, I see much excitement has bubbled up over Clarkson’s nigger reference. First of all, it never went to air and therefore was essentially said in private. Secondly, if it had gone to air, why is it any different to a lot of words that are routinely used in films or plays. Up until a few years ago, the word ‘cunt’ would never been uttered on television or on the radio. Now it is. So what is different between using the word nigger, as part of an old children’s Nursey Rhyme, and calling someone a cunt? The latter is usually said in a highly aggressive manner and therefore is addressed to someone personally. Nigger in the context that Clarkson used it was not, and therefore is just a word. Of course, the back story, as usual, is far more interesting than this bit of noise. The usual culprits have come out of the wood-work claiming this wouldn’t have happened if more black and asian people were employed at the BBC. Why? And if B&A people apply for jobs at the BBC and they are the best there is for the job, then they will get it. Unless the BBC operate a system which says they ignore B&A applicants, which would be quite wrong. No-one should get a job BECAUSE of their sex or race. They should get it on merit. That’s what happens if you are white, male, middle class etc etc and its the rules everyone else should be following. Anything else is positive discrimination and that is quite wrong.

Mrs N and I were having a conversation a few days ago about racism and how it is now perceived. I threw her this one: If I had never met a nice person from say, Scotland (I have by the way), I could say that ‘I haven’t met a nice Scottish person yet’. And people probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid. But, using the same criteria I said, ‘I haven’t met a nice Black person yet ‘(or Asian etc take your pick), how do you think people would react?

Forever Gone – Logic and Common Sense

I see that the EU is forcing through their desire for E10 fuel. At the moment we have fuel (whether diesel or petrol) that has to have 5% bio-fuel added. This came in a few years ago. When it was first muted, most commentators with an ounce of knowledge of the Internal Combustion Engine and the calorific value of fuels, knew that this would cause performance problems. And so it was proved. But not too much to give much cause for great concern. Now the idiots are pressing for 10% mix of biofuel and yes the experts have said yet again, that this will affect performance. Not only that, but it produces more CO2 than fuel without the biofuel content. All the info on this is here:


But it is not only the engine performance that is affected, the engine wear is increased as the fuel contains less of the detergent additives that keep the shite out of the engine. Plus, to get biofuel, most of it comes from palm oil which is grown in places like Indonesia. Here they have been ripping up great swathes of jungle to plant biofuel as that makes shit-loads of money and jungle doesn’t. Indigenous peoples get displaced, animals such as Orangutans lose their natural habitat, and the CO2 and pollution-sucking properties of the trees are lost.

Which leads me to a logical mind game I amused myself with last night and it goes something like this:

The EU, along with many other brain-dead organisations, believe we are doomed due to the rise in CO2 and concomitant rise in temperatures (which haven’t happened). So they talk about Big Evil Oil and batter them into submission through extra taxation and enforcement of greater regulation, one of which is the biofuel additive. (Well strictly speaking, it aint an additive as it replaces 10% of the fuel which should be there) Said biofuel has to come from Palm Oil, which is grown overseas and therefore has to be transported to the refinery, as well as the crude oil. Jungle has to be cleared to make way for palm oil trees, which then cuts down the CO2-sucking properties of the indigenous trees and therefore promotes a rise in CO2. The vehicle fuel is less efficient, so the car/lorry/bus uses more of it, and it also produces more CO2. The engine wear is greater so the vehicle doesn’t last as long, so more vehicles have to be produced, which makes more CO2. So the upshot of this grand idea is that the only people who are going to gain from this are the oil companies, through a greater requirement, and the car manufacturers,  two industries that the EU loves to hate. The rest of us will have to pay more.

I do wonder if anyone within government, either EU or national, has the slightest ability to perform these simple logical progressions and realise that what they are advocating is pure nonsense. The whole process took me longer to write than it did to think through. So I can only assume that mullah is changing hands in certain areas to ensure these ‘initiatives’ get approved.

Which brings me to another point. Why do government term so many things ‘initiatives’ when they quite clearly are not born out of anyone using initiative. I guess it’s to make the drones think that it has been thought through.

If there are any flaws in my logic, answers on a postcard to the usual address please.