EU Bullying and Other News

Yesterday, the Swiss people exercised their right to vote in a referendum regarding limiting immigration into Switzerland. The Swiss have possibly the most democratic process of all countries (as far as I can see) in which all major decisions have to go to referendum. The outcome of the latest referendum, by a very small margin, was to limit immigration into Switzerland, including people from other EU countries. This last bit is the item that has really got up the noses of the EU dictators. Switzerland is not a fully paid-up member of the EU but apparently ‘enjoys’ some of the ‘privileges’ of membership. These include free trade with other EU countries.

Quite predictably, the Germans and French, as well as the Italians, see this as a BIG PROBLEM.  The German Foreign Minister is quoted as saying: “there can be no cherry-picking when it comes to the EU“. But surely thats precisely what you can do when you are not a direct member of the EU. And indeed should be able to even if you are. The French struck an even more ominous tone. This the reaction from the French Foreign Minister: “This is bad news for Europe and the Swiss, because Switzerland will be penalised from withdrawing into itself“. Quite how Switzerland will be penalised is not made clear but the bullies are all lining up to have a pop. I hope that the Swiss will stand firm on what is a democratic decision, by the people.

I think this illustrates very clearly the dictatorial nature of the whole EU system. If you belong to the ‘Club’ you must comply with everything we propose, and if you are not in the club, you must adhere to our rules if you trade with us.

In another, but similar, area of the EU, Viviane Reding has been spouting off about how we Brits are too ignorant to make a decision on EU membership and therefore shouldn’t have a vote in a referendum. Apparently we need to be made aware of the facts about Europe and is quoted as saying the following:

She said the European Parliament was now ‘the most powerful parliament in Europe’ – Yep we knew thats what they thought already and is something that worries most people and is probably one of the drivers for people wanting us to leave.

‘Seventy per cent of the laws in this country (UK) are co-decided by the European Parliament,’ – Yep we know that as well and is something that worries most people and is probably one of the drivers for people wanting us to leave.

She said it was ‘not possible’ to curb free movement of people while retaining free movement of goods, services and capital. – Yep we suspected they were all intertwined and is something that worries most people and is probably one of the drivers for people wanting us to leave.

So actually Ms Reding we do have enough facts to make an informed vote. Perhaps you should inform yourself of where the UK does most of it’s trade. It’s outside the EU, so we would not have a problem if we left and the EU slapped trade sanctions on our goods. Indeed, all it would do would limit the goods that EU members had access to and would make prices in the EU for such goods increase. So that economic argument breaks down in a jiffy.

In direct contrast to the Swiss system of Peoples Democracy, the ‘Mother of All Parliaments’ decided yesterday to curtail even more freedoms by enshrining in law, the right to invade your private space whilst enjoying a perfectly legal pastime. I refer of course to the banning of smoking in cars with kiddies in ’em. I shall not dwell on that monumental piece of undemocratic legislation. Suffice to say is has been ably covered in other blogs. For a list of MP’s who voted AYE, see Hansard:

If your MP is on there, give ’em hell!


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